La Lorraine, Notre Signature (LLNS)

Products carrying the “La Lorraine Notre Signature” logo are food products produced in our region and which is authorized based on the requirements of strict specifications.

To the consumer

Choosing products “La Lorraine Notre Signature” means:

  • Consume many food products made in Lorraine
  • Preserving our regional expertise
  • Support the development of the economy and jobs in our region
  • Adopt an environmentally responsible consumption
History of LLNS

La Lorraine Notre Signature” is a collective process initiated and led by the Association of Food Industries of Lorraine (AFIL). The project was launched in 2006 with the support of the Lorraine region, to promote agrifood expertise of Lorraine. The approach expressed a desire to highlight the skills of Lorraine in agrifood, involving the sector’s companies.

Charculor was present at the launch of the initiative and was one of the few founders who have worked for this initiative which defends the food heritage expertise of Lorraine succeeds.

The project is developed around two axes: the valuation of food expertise of Lorraine and the affixing of a logo on approved products.

The products to be approved pass a tasting committee that checks the taste of the products as well as respect of companies in the specification which requires that products are developed on Lorraine’s territory.

Since 2013, supermarkets integrated approach. The main major retailers have realized the importance of offering to consumers of lorraine, products of their region.

Among the approved products include :
  • Lorraine’s knack
  • Superior beechwood smoked Moselle’s knack
  • Bockwurst
  • String of beechwood sausages to cook
  • Smoked palette, smoked Collet, cooked or smoked Kassler
  • Delicacy bacon
  • White pudding, black pudding
  • Topping for sauerkraut
  • White sausage to grill
  • Sausage to grill with cheese, vegetables, spinach and cheese
  • Cheese and peppers Bockwurst
  • Raw Chipolata
  • Marinated pork ribs, marinated meat to grill, marinated Breasts
  • Headcheese
  • Liver and smoked veal sausage
  • meat Sausage
  • Cochonette jelly
  • Lorraine’s country-style pâté, Lorraine’s Mirabelle pâté
  • Terrine with shallots, with Moselle wine, grandmother style with potatoes
  • Rolls: with ham, garlic, cheese, peppers, olives, blood and tongue
  • Cooked ham with honey
  • Cooked ham with rind and rosemary
  • White Cooked superior ham
  • Lorraine’s Fuseau smoked over beechwood
  • Lorraine’s Round Sausage, Lorraine’s Following Sausage