We present in this section a non exhaustive list of profiles frequently wanted by the company.

  • Commercial in fresh produce for supermarkets
  • Butcher for production lines of pork products
  • Seasoner
  • Butcher cutting, trimming and meat retail
  • Operator or animator for sausage stuffing with natural casings
  • Operator or animator for cooking meat and deli
  • Operator or animator for packaging fresh products
  • Operator or animator for labeling meat products and preparation of orders
  • Operator or animator for logistic / shipping
  • Regional delivery driver for supermarkets
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician in agribusiness
  • Telemarketer in deli supply for supermarkets
  • Quality specialist in hygiene and food safety
  • Operator or animator for industrial cleaning in agribusiness

All the profiles must master the basics of hygiene rules expected in the agribusiness.

To know the currently available open positions, consult the job vacancies tab.

Some operator positions are regularly opened each year for seasonal spring / summer contracts.