Since 2013, Charculor takes part in the Concours Général Agricole which takes place at the Paris International Agricultural show.  The Concours Général Agricole  is a contest with the largest number of candidates and product categories. The selectivity of the tests and the large number of candidates is a guarantee of undeniable quality.


The awards are Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


By entering this prestigious competition, the company has four objectives:

  • Confronting the quality of our products with that of our competitors
  • Obtain external advice from recognized professionals
  • Promote and recognize our specialties
  • Promote gastronomy and Lorraine know-how


This contest, created in 1870, aims to select and award the best products from the French terroir. It values the diversity and quality of French agricultural production in what it does best.


This reference competition, recognized for its impartiality, is the only one to be organized under the strict control of the French state, and every year its regulation is the subject of a ministerial decree.

The judgment shall be made in relation to samples taken from the commercial stock of the company by an agent of the Chamber of Agriculture.


Once sealed, they are sent to the competition, anonymized by a commissioner and finally submitted to the jury.


The jury is made up of food professionals, traders, distributors but also savvy consumers. Of course, and for reasons of fairness, all jurors are volunteers.


The aim of the competition is to compare the best samples within a common, previously defined and homogeneous category of product.


It focuses on sensory characteristics, after a check on compliance with official standards.