The story of Charculor begins in 1959, when opened in the small town of Creutzwald a butcher and deli shop as there is a lot at the time.
Its owner, Master Butcher, quickly made a reputation in the town and residents rush to taste their products.

In a decade, the small business area becomes a success and grows until the creation in 1971 of the Charculor LLC whose activity is distribution of deli in the Lorraine region.
During this period, one of the challenges is to increase production volumes to meet an ever increasing demand without reducing the products quality.

To meet the disruption of the consumption habits of the time, a modern production plant is built in Creutzwald.
Charculor has always wanted to combine respect for tradition, mastery of old skills, use of modern technology and creation of original recipes.
Management is aware that the passage of time, the health standards, the requirements in terms of work surface or machine use can not be the same as when the company was still a small local store.
Nevertheless, it has never, and will never matter to pass on what made the company’s success: make traditional deli, according to the most artisanal methods as possible, in agreement with the gastronomic heritage of our region.

In 1983, the production plant has a first extension. We are today to 5.
Meanwhile, Charculor adopted HACCP to control the risks associated with the production, then, in 2013 the company obtained ISO 22000 certification awarded by the French association of standardization AFNOR.

The product range of Charculor will constantly evolve and expand. Originally specialized in the classic recipes of Lorraine, the company has successfully developed new products, combining tradition and innovation for your pleasure.

In 2013, we introduced ourselves to the General Agricultural Competition of Paris in front of a jury made of industry professionals.
The string of beechwood sausages to cook, Liver and veal sausage received a gold medal and Lorraine’s knack a Silver Medal.
The following year, it was a gold medal for superior beechwood smoked Moselle’s knack, and a Bronze for the smoked sausage to cook that rewards again the high quality of our products.

Currently, while 55 years have passed since the establishment of the company, Charculor employs 125 people including two apprentices, over 300 products, a production area of 6000 sqm, 8 medals at the Concours Général Agricole of Paris and the same objective share with you our passion for the gastronomic heritage of Lorraine.