Food Safety

Since April 2013, Charculor is certified ISO 22000, the international standard that aims to food security for the placing on the market of safe products, protecting the safety of consumers.

ISO 22000 focuses on security management and allows all employees of a company to adopt a “pro and clean” attitude. Only internationally recognized standard, it was created to demonstrate the ability of the food chain manufacturers to identify hazards related to food safety.

Generally speaking, being professional means being well organized. The ISO standard enables structuring and organizing the company around objectives related to hygiene and food safety. For simplicity, ISO 22000 defines the requirements relating to a management system of food safety whose compliance with the standard can be certified.

This standard explains what are the means the organization must implement to demonstrate its ability to control security related hazards to ensure that any food outcome is safe.

This standard includes several aspects such as the “walking forward”, the control of the cold chain, HACCP or even the health control plan.


HACCP is a management system which enables:

  • To identify and analyze the hazards associated with the different stages of production of our products
  • To identify ways to control those hazards
  • To ensure that these resources are implemented on the long term


This principle is based on the idea that the food safety hazards can be either eliminated or minimized if we act on prevention rather than at final inspection. The idea is to prevent the danger to better eliminate it.

In this same sense of quality and risk management related to food security, Charculor has set up a health control plan to build and implement an effective security assurance against biological, chemical or even physical hazards.

A key element is to develop an effective traceability.
The objective is to track the product and this at all stage of production, transformation and even commercialization. In case of problem with a food, it is possible to determine as quickly as possible who provided the raw material, where it was stored, who handled the food and with what equipment.

In practice, the ISO policy has led to the development of an activity planning whose outcomes are measured by performance improvement objectives directly related to food safety.

This continuous improvement that is ISO 22000 allows to respond positively to the expectations of our customers, but also to perpetuate the activity of the site. This certification is associated with regular investments in the production equipment.

With this approach, management demonstrates its commitment to guide the development of Charculor in the objective of optimal satisfaction of its customers and deliver safe products.

More generally, Charculor submits to the current regulations in relation with:

  • Management of risks related to food safety
  • Management of basic conditions for maintaining a hygienic environment throughout the product life course
  • Optimization of our documentation and resources
  • Continuous improvement of HACCP
  • Traceability
  • Labeling
  • Respect for the cold chain
  • Respect for “walking forward” process

It is the strict adherence to strict safety rules that allow Charculor to offer daily safe and healthy products.