Bleu Blanc Coeur

The aim of the Bleu Blanc Coeur association is to change the way our food is produced in order to improve the health of consumers.

By introducing natural sources of Omega 3 in the feed of animals such as flax, alfalfa or rapeseed, the products have a better nutritional profile and a lower environmental impact.

This approach is recognized by experts from the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Ecology and, since 2012, by the United Nations.

By offering a range of products labeled Bleu Blanc Cœur, Charculor is committed to promoting production methods that respect biodiversity and the environment, in order to offer you products with recognized nutritional qualities.

Since 1959, Charculor has been committed to offering you genuine delicatessen recipes, recognized for their exceptional taste qualities. The arrival of Bleu Blanc Cœur certified products in the Charculor range attests to their quality and the company’s desire to cultivate “better eating”.

More informations about Bleu Blanc Coeur

The approved products are:
  • Fromage de tête
  • Saucisse blanche à griller
  • Chipolatas
  • Knack de Moselle supérieure fumée
  • Saucisse à cuire fumée
  • Saucisse de viande fumée

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